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Contractor On Site Study

Welcome to the online screening questionnaire for the construction job site product use study being conducted in 2021. If you qualify, you may be invited to participate in an on-site product use study at one of your current job sites. You will be meeting with a professional moderator that will last for 60-minutes. The discussion is being conducted for research purposes, to obtain the opinions and attitudes of nationwide consumers. 

The following questionnaire is intended to ensure we include a mix of people from different backgrounds and viewpoints. If you are contacted by a recruiter, you may be asked a few follow-up questions to determine final qualification. Those who participate in the job site visit/interview will receive payment of $300. If the job site is at (or inside) an occupied home, we’ll also provide the homeowner with a $100 Home Depot gift card. Completion of this questionnaire is voluntary and does not guarantee participation in the paid study. You must be called and scheduled by FieldGoals.US to participate. 

Depending on response, and due to demographic quota restrictions, we may not be able to contact and schedule every participant who completes this questionnaire. We thank you in advance for your understanding in these matters. As always, our studies are for RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY and no one will attempt to sell you anything. Any information you provide on this online questionnaire OR during the discussion is held in strict confidence and is used only for research purposes. We follow best practices in accordance with the Insights Association and the Association for Public Opinion Research.
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